Kurtatsch versus elite Bordeaux wines – with great success!

At the third edition of Cortaccia Rossa, the joint venture project of the four wine producers from Kurtatsch (Cortaccia), our Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva FREIENFELD 2016 achieved a top result. In the comparative blind tasting with wine journalists from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia our top red wine competed against four national and international well-known representatives of the variety. The wine was judged by the 28 wine journalists and opinion leaders for 100-point-rating system and reached the second place. First place went to Darmagi 2016 of the renowned wine producer Gaja with a lead of 0.2 points. The two 100-points-Parker wines Château Cos d'Estournel 2016 and Sassicaia 2016 (Tenuta San Guido) finished third and fourth.

At eye level with the giants

Whilst Alto Adige’s white wines have been in the limelight for some 30 years, the region’s reds, especially, the Bordeaux style wines have got only very limited attention. In the very south of Alto Adige, however, in particular in the area around the village of Cortaccia, there are ideal conditions for growing varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. To proof this, in 2015 the four producers from Kurtatsch, Baron Widmann, Peter Dipoli, Tiefenbrunner and Cantina Kurtatsch, initiated the event Cortaccia Rossa.

Already in the two previous editions of Cortaccia Rossa, we were able to assert ourselves against the Bordeaux elite. In 2015, our Merlot Riserva BRENNTAL competed against Bordeaux, in 2017 against Bolgheri - always with excellent results (find the results here)!

Kurtatsch: optimal conditions for Cabernet and Merlot

The results of this year's comparative tasting show once more the potential of the red wine vineyards in Kurtatsch/Cortaccia. The south-east oriented, steep and warm vineyards at 220 to 350 meters above sea level provide optimal conditions. This and the clay-rich soils (particularly suitable for Merlot) and the sandy gravel soils (Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc), makes the vineyards in Kurtatsch ideal for the development of great Bordeaux wines at the highest international level. "Kurtatsch has what it takes to become the second most important wine-growing region after Bolgheri", the four wine producers agree. In this third edition in each of the four flights the wine from Kurtatsch either took first or second place.

The 4 wine producers of Kurtatsch (Cortaccia) (from left to right): Christof Tiefenbrunner, Andreas Kofler, Baron Widmann and Peter Dipoli.