Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC

Gewuerztraminer doc 2015

From the thirteenth century up to the early Modern Era, “Traminer” was the best known wine from what is now South Tyrol. Over the course of centuries, the vines from their village of origin, Tramin, have spread all over the entire world and are now known as Gewürztraminer. On the hills above Kurtatsch with a southern exposure, the highly aromatic Gewürztraminer has found its ideal habitat: chalky and clay soils! This is where a full-bodied wine is born with a powerful backbone and a highly concentrated, weighty aroma. A prominent mineral vein lends a lasting freshness to the almost oily body that is scented with roses, magnolias, and lychees.

Volume: 14,0 % by vol.

Grape variety: Gewürztraminer

Vineyard location:  The hills of Kurtatsch

Charateristics: an unmistakably full-bodied, spicy white wine

Color: straw yellow to golden yellow

Total acidity: 5,6 g/l

Residual sugar: 5,4 g/l

Cellaring potential: with cellaring of one to three years, the strength and typical qualities of the wine increase

Recommended pairings: with lobster, crab, and Asian cuisine; also suitable as an aperitif and at dessert

Serving temperature: 11 – 12° C

In order to express its full potential, Gewürztraminer needs quite specific vineyard sites. The grape finds its ideal habitat here: predominantly clayey soil, sunny slopes and elevations between 280 and 450 meters. Gewürztraminer is able to develop its concentrated primary aromas here in Kurtatsch. Due to cooler nighttime temperatures and the mineral diversity of these soils, the grapes develop an exciting balance between intensity and elegance.

Gewürztraminer DOC 2015

3 stars - 84/100 points
selection DAS GENUSSMAGAZIN 2016


90/100 points - 3 stars
I vini di Veronelli 2017