Mitterberg Bronner

The variety Bronner has been bred 1975 from the Institute of viticulture in Freiburg (Breisgau) Germany. Through multiple crossings from wild wines “vitis labrusca” and European vines “vitis vinifera” a very high fungi-resistance has been achieved. At the same time the variety maintained the elegant characteristics of European vines. Today the Bronner, often compared with an elegant Pinot Bianco, is said to be the most interesting variety of its fungi-resistant kind. The bouquet is multi-facetted and delicate, reminds of fresh stone-fruits, matured citrus fruits end meadow flowers. The well integrated crispy acidity gives the wine together with its minerality, an extraordinary dynamic and long aftertaste.

Volume: 13,0 % by vol.

Grape variety: Bronner

Vineyard location:  Kurtatsch, gravelly and sandy clay soils

Charateristics: a fresh, crispy white wine

Color: bright yellow to greenish

Total acidity: 5,9 g/l

Residual sugar: 1,1 g/l

Cellaring potential: 2 - 3 years

Recommended pairings: as an aperitif, with light appetizers, poached fish, and lightly seasoned white meats

Serving temperature: 10 – 11° C

The fungus-resistant Bronner thrives in the sandy gravel of the foothills below the Mendel Massif, at altitudes ranging from 240 to 350 meters. Members of the Kurtatsch Winery who are certified as organic viticulturists grow this variety.

Mitterberg Bronner IGT 2017
90/100 points - gold medal
International Bio-Competition 2018
Mitterberg Bronner IGT 2016
89/100 points - silver medal
International Bio-Competition 2017
Mitterberg Bronner IGT 2015
4 stars - gold medal
"selection - Das Genussmagazin 2016"
Mitterberg Bronner IGT 2014
3rd best Bronner
Best of Freiburger PIWI