Alto Adige Lagrein RISERVA DOC 

Lagrein is South Tyrol's oldest autochthonous vine. It grows best in the deep, warm soil of Bolzano (Gries) and the area known as Unterland (Kurtatsch), which arose out of loamy sand deposits from rivers and streams. The Frauenrigl wine-growing area is a very warm site, directly above the Wine Road and northwest of the village of Kurtatsch. Here, Lagrein reaches optimum ripeness and can bring its full potential to fruition. The seductive Frauenrigl has opulent fruit, including wild berries, elderberries, black cherry and cocoa beans. The wine takes on balsamic tannins as it matures in barrique. During subsequent aging in large wooden barrels, the fine toasting of the wood and zesty acidity attain a harmonious balance with the powerful, fruity body. It is said that the best Lagrein not only shows great concentration and length in the finish, but also a unique earthy note. The loamy soil is responsible for the wine's typical site characteristics, which gives a piquant spiciness to the long and exquisitely fruity finish.

Volume: 14,0 % by vol.

Grape variety: Lagrein

Production zone: Midway down the slopes of Kurtatsch;

Frauenrigl 280 – 350 m.a.s.l.

Soil: Deep, warm, loamy sandy soil

Yield per hectare: 8000 kg

Color: Dense garnet

Vinification: Temperature-constricted fermentation in rotor tanks and aging in oak barrels for 12 months (15% new wood), followed by storage in large wooden barrels

Storage potential: 7 - 10 years

Total acidity:  5,4 g/l

Residual sugar: 1,8 g/l

Territorio vino Lagrein DOC Frauenrigl

In former times, Rigl meant “small plot of land” in South Tyrol. Frauenrigl (Frauen = women) derived from the fact that women were frequently the property owners in this situation. It is the red clay above the Wine Road that gives our Lagrein its distinctive spiciness. The extremely warm site, situated between 280 and 350 meters in altitude, serves the heat-loving Lagrein well.

Lagrein Frauenrigl DOC 2015
90/100 points - silver medal
Decanter World Wine Awards 2018
93/100 points
Luca Maroni 2019
Lagrein Frauenrigl DOC 2014
excellent 2017
93/100 points
Luca Maroni 2018

Lagrein Frauenrigl DOC 2013
90/100 points
Luca Maroni 2017

90/100 points
Antonio Galloni -

88/100 points
Falstaff 2017

silver medal
AWC Vienna 2016

2 glasses
Gambero Rosso 2017

92/100 points - 3 stars
I vini di Veronelli 2017

excellent 2017
Lagrein Frauenrigl DOC 2012
91/100 points
Luca Maroni 2015

90/100 points - 3 stars
I Vini di Veronelli 2014

4 grappoli
Bibenda 2015

Slow Wine 2015

68 - 88/100 points
Falstaff 2014/2015

87+/100 points
Enogea 2013
Lagrein Frauenrigl DOC 2011
92/100 points
Luca Maroni 2014

90/100 points
Falstaff 2013

4 grappoli
Bibenda 2014

2 glasses
Gambero rosso 2014
Lagrein Frauenrigl DOC 2008
91/100 points - 3 stars
I Vini di Veronelli 2012

3 stars
Selection 2011