Alto Adige Schiava DOC SONNTALER Alte Reben

When the Romans pushed north to Bozen from the Po Valley in 15 BC to conquer Rhaetia, they found wine culture already more than 500 years old. The assumption that Vernatsch/Schiava was already cultivated back then is self-evident. The name Vernatsch is derived from the Latin „vernaculus“ = „indigenous“. Our „Sonntaler“ grows in our oldest vineyards (the oldest planted in 1933). These old vines produce by nature low and therefore very high quality yields. The wine is a blend of various types of Schiava varieties with a large share of Schiava Grigia. After temperature controlled alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks, the wine matures for several months in large wooden barrels on the fine lees, developing its complexity and charm. The aroma bouquet is intensive and multifaceted; it is reminiscent of the first fruits of summer: heart cherries, wild strawberries, redcurrants. Its elegant, lean body is gripping on the palate. Fine-grained tannins lend a long and hearty finish to the smooth fruitiness typical of the variety.

Volume: 12,5 % by vol.

Grape variety: Schiava (various types)

Production zone: Kurtatsch hills (300 – 400 m altitude)

Soil: Loose sandy soils

Yield per hectare: 9000 kg

Color: Bright ruby red

Vinification: Temperature-constrained fermenting of the must in stainless-steel tanks, with regular inundation of the cake pomace with must; organic malolactic fermentation and maturation in large wooden barrels of Slavonian oak.

Storage potential: 2-4 years

Total acidity:  4,2 g/l

Residual sugar: 1,8 g/l

Territorio Grauvernatsch DOC Sonntaler

This wine combines the best and oldest Schiava vineyards. Grown mostly in sandy loam soils, at altitudes between 300 and 400 meters.

Schiava Grigia Sonntaler DOC 2017
90/100 points
Luca Maroni 2019

The Crown
Vinibuoni d'Italia 2019
Schiava Grigia Sonntaler DOC 2016
91/100 points - "price-performance ratio"
DoctorWine 2018
Schiava Grigia Sonntaler DOC 2015
Special Award "Terroir"
Autochtona Award 2016

16,5 points
Schiava Grigia Sonntaler DOC 2013
3 vite
Vitae 2015

16/20 points - 2nd best Schiava of Alto Adige
Espresso - I Vini d'Italia 2015

3 stars
Vinibuoni d'Italia 2015

Winner of variety
Unterlandler Weinkosttage
Schiava Grigia Sonntaler DOC 2012
90/100 points
Luca Maroni 2014

3 stars
Vinibuoni d'Italia 2014
Schiava Grigia Sonntaler DOC 2010
Final - 2 red glasses
Gambero Rosso 2012