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450 - 700 M
The spectacularly located district of Penon, with altitudes ranging between 450 and 700 meters, is characterized by cooling nighttime katabatic winds. The slopes face the east. This causes substantial ...
Discover the Pinot Grigio PENÓNER


500 - 650 M
The hamlet of Hofstatt lies above the village of Kurtatsch. Cooling fall winds in the evening provide for great temperature swings between day and night and create an ideal, breezy microclimate. The ...
Discover the Pinot Bianco HOFSTATT


800 - 900 M
This picturesque high plateau crowning the dolomite cliffs above Kurtatsch is among the highest winegrowing locations in Alto Adige. Its elevation and the southeast facing vineyards result in some of ...
Discover the Müller Thurgau GRAUN


220 - 300 M
The Brenntal location north of the village of Kurtatsch belongs among the warmest locations (up to 40°C/104°F) in Alto Adige. The vines on these steep slopes with its intensive sunshine grow ...
Discover the Merlot Riserva BRENNTAL


450 - 600 M
Kofl, in the Alpine area of German-speakers, means "mountain knoll". The proximity of these steep slopes to the westerly mountain range guarantees an early sunset. The evening fall winds provide for ...
Discover the Sauvignon KOFL


350 - 450 M
The Mazon location is one of the best-known Pinot noir locations in Italy and occupies a plateau across the valley from Kurtatsch. Here, our demanding Pinot noir vines grow on sandy, loamy ...
Discover the Pinot Nero Riserva MAZON


450 - 650 M
Not far from the Mazon vineyards is our second Pinot noir location, somewhat higher in altitude. While the soil characteristics of the two locations are similar, the location of Glen has somewhat ...
Discover the Pinot Nero Riserva GLEN
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In accordance with the regulation as indicated above, we hereby inform you about the processing of your personal information that occurs within the framework of the management and carrying out of existing business relationships.

(Source of the Data, Purpose, and Legal Basis of the Processing)
Your personal information is collected from you and, on occasion, also from third parties and is processed for those purposes that are associated with the management and carrying out of existing business relationships and with the obligations that result for us from laws, regulations, and EU provisions. The processing correspondingly takes place for the fulfillment of contractual and legal obligations. The same also holds true if applicable for the processing of the personal information of your employees.
We hereby notify you that the processing of your personal information that takes place in the course of the pure fulfillment of a contract does not require any specific consent on the part of the affected party.
In order to constantly be improving the quality of the services and to provide information on new products and services, we use information from customers exclusively with their consent, except for the management of the business relationship including for the purposes of the development, introduction, and the direct offering of products and services including, if applicable, also after the end of the business relationship. In particular, the information may be used for the following purposes:

  • The sending of promotional notices, direct offers, or trade information as well as for the execution of market research for the introduction and sale of products or services by means of automated communications systems (such as SMS text messages or MMS media messages, fax, e-mail, PEC, or messages by means of networks and web applications) and traditional means of communications (such as letters or by telephone);
  •  The evaluation of customer behavior and preferences by means of the electronic processing of data on business relationships or services for the purpose of the offering of products or services which could be of interest to the customer;

(Type of Data Processed – Data Categories)
In the normal case, we only process personal information (such as contact information and contract information such as name, address, dates of birth, tax identification numbers, banking information, qualification etc.) within the context of existing business relationships. As a rule, the cooperative does not process any so-called “special categories of personal information”.

(Type of Data Processing and Security Measures)
The processing of your personal information takes place manually or electronically for the purposes as indicated above and in any case in adherence to all organizational and technical security measures such that the security and confidentiality of your information is guaranteed. In accordance with provisions under law, we guarantee that the processing of personal information and, if applicable, “special” information is carried out in observance of the rights, fundamental freedoms, and dignity of the affected party, in particular with regard to privacy, personal identity, and the right to protection of the personal information. The processing takes place by our employees who have knowledge of the personal information and have been explicitly engaged for that purpose and have been correspondingly instructed.

(Retention Period)
Your information will be processed for the duration of the entire contractual relationship and, in addition, it will be archived in accordance with the obligations for retention and documentation under law in accordance with provisions under tax law and civil law. In connection with the duration of the storage, reference is made to the fact that under Art. 2946 of the Italian Civil Code, the reasonable expiration amounts to ten years and correspondingly, a deletion of the information may take place at the earliest after the end of the expiration period.

(Transmission of Information to Third Parties)
If required by law, we will transmit your personal information to public authorities and institutions (such as the revenue office). The information will also be transmitted to banks and financial institutions for the execution of payments.

  • For the management and carrying out of the supplier and service relationship, your information will be transmitted for the purpose of tax consultation to the Raiffeisenverband Südtirol in Bolzano, Italy which was named as the order processor. In addition, your information will be transmitted for the purpose of IT service to RUN AG which was likewise named as the order processor.
  • In addition, it may occur that your information is transmitted to selected contract partners in order to make possible the fulfillment of a certain subject of a contract and in order to guarantee the continuous further development and improvement of the products in use (such as IT service providers, software suppliers, representatives/sales partners, shipping companies, legal advisors, information files, or collection agencies). They will likewise be named as “order processors” and are obligated to process your information confidentially, in accordance with security standards that are in force, and in adherence to provisions of law.
  • For the execution of certain services (such as wine expedition, wine tasting), it may occur that your information is transmitted to another country for which an adequacy decision by the European Commission exists or for which suitable or adequate guarantees are present in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

A list of third parties to which your personal information may be transmitted may be requested from the responsible party at any time.

(Rights of the Affected Party)
We hereby inform you that as the “affected party of the data processing”, you are granted special rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation:

Right to information: the type, origin, logic, and intended purpose of the processing must be make known to you upon request.
- Right to correction: if your information is not correct or is no longer correct, it can be corrected or completed if an interest exists in that regard. You are entitled to make a corresponding request in that regard.
- Right to deletion: upon request, you may demand the deletion of your personal information which must be complied with on the part of the responsible party except for legal or contractual reasons.
- Right to restriction with illegal processing: in certain cases, you may have a temporary restriction of the information carried out.
- Right to transferability of information: upon request, your information must be made available to you in a comprehensible manner or must be transferred to third parties;
- Right to refuse processing: your consent to processing may be revoked at any time.

To exercise these rights, you may contact the cooperative directly. Please direct any possible inquiries in writing to the party responsible for data processing as described in greater detail below.
We would like to remind you that the affected party may direct a complaint at any time to the Italian privacy protection authorities, “Garante della Protezione dei Dati Personali”, Piazza Montecitorio 121, I-00186 Rome Italy, e-mail:

(Party Responsible for Data Processing)
The party responsible for the data processing is Cantina Kurtatsch Soc. Agr. Coop., headquartered at Weinstraße 23, I-39040 Kurtatsch (BZ) Italy, Tel. 0471 880 115, Email:

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