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450 - 700 M
The spectacularly located district of Penon, with altitudes ranging between 450 and 700 meters, is characterized by cooling nighttime katabatic winds. The slopes face the east. This causes substantial ...
Discover the Pinot Grigio PENÓNER


500 - 650 M
The hamlet of Hofstatt lies above the village of Kurtatsch. Cooling fall winds in the evening provide for great temperature swings between day and night and create an ideal, breezy microclimate. The ...
Discover the Pinot Bianco HOFSTATT


800 - 900 M
This picturesque high plateau crowning the dolomite cliffs above Kurtatsch is among the highest winegrowing locations in Alto Adige. Its elevation and the southeast facing vineyards result in some of ...
Discover the Müller Thurgau GRAUN


220 - 300 M
The Brenntal location north of the village of Kurtatsch belongs among the warmest locations (up to 40°C/104°F) in Alto Adige. The vines on these steep slopes with its intensive sunshine grow ...
Discover the Merlot Riserva BRENNTAL


450 - 600 M
Kofl, in the Alpine area of German-speakers, means "mountain knoll". The proximity of these steep slopes to the westerly mountain range guarantees an early sunset. The evening fall winds provide for ...
Discover the Sauvignon KOFL


350 - 450 M
The Mazon location is one of the best-known Pinot noir locations in Italy and occupies a plateau across the valley from Kurtatsch. Here, our demanding Pinot noir vines grow on sandy, loamy ...
Discover the Pinot Nero Riserva MAZON


450 - 650 M
Not far from the Mazon vineyards is our second Pinot noir location, somewhat higher in altitude. While the soil characteristics of the two locations are similar, the location of Glen has somewhat ...
Discover the Pinot Nero Riserva GLEN

Wine Expedition

The fascination of the vineyard

Enjoy a day trekking from vineyard to vineyard and taste our Cru wines at their place of origin.

Kurtatsch Wine Expedition

Experience a unique and entertaining panoramic hike, savor our culinary specialties and discover why our Kurtatsch vineyard locations are unique in Europe.

Altitudes ranging from 200 to 900 metres, southeast and southwest
exposures, and soils varying from sandygravely to rocky to red-clay lend each wine its own individual character. Join us on an expedition in exploration of the best sites, and taste each wine directly at its place of origin.

Procedure: Meeting point 9:00 am at Cantina Kurtatsch. Bus to Graun – walk to Penon via Hofstatt – snack – continue via Kofl to Kurtatsch – lunch – toLeiten then Brenntal and then through Milla on the way back to the winery, arriving at about 5:00 pm

Facts & dates

Price: 95,00 € per person. Included in package: bus, tasting of 12 wines, snack,
lunch with wine and water, and expert guide for the whole day.

Actual hiking time: 3.5 hours; 12 km; 700 m in descent, 150 metres in ascent. Hike is not difficult, but hiking shoes are recommended.

Dates 2021

  • Saturday, 14 August
  • Tuesday, 17 August
  • Tuesday, 14 September
  • Saturday, 18 September
  • Tuesday, 19 October
  • Saturday, 23 October

*with a minimum of 7 participants; groups of 10 or more may also book other dates

Information & booking

Registrations by 12 p.m. the day before

Tel.: 0471 880 115


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