Our vineyards are our most valuable assets. Our steep vineyard sites, situated at altitudes ranging between 220 and 900 meters, are unique in South Tyrol and lend our wines their unique character: early ripening, hot sites for the red wines and high, breezy sites for the whites.



Our cellar philosophy is to produce wine in such a way that it reflects its own individual place of origin. The result:  top wines that are not only distinctive but also appreciated on an international level.



Numerous awards, conferred not only in South Tyrol but also abroad, confirm the exceptional quality of our territorial wines.

“Our unique Terroir, a precise work in the vineyard, and letting the wine unfold his personality.”

Othmar Doná

“Our small scaled structure of our farmers allows us to have optimal cultivated vineyards.”

Andreas Kofler
President, Farmer

„We farmers of Kurtatsch take even more care of our vineyards than our homesteads.”

Kurt Terzer
Vice President, Farmer and Consultant


"Our most valuable asset is our unique land – our vineyards – which give our wines their distinctive character. Vineyard by Vineyard. Wine by wine."