Welcome to the Cantina Kurtatsch!

Outstanding wine is made in the vineyard. That’s why we consider our members – who do the vineyard work – to be the protagonists. Our extremely small structure, in and of itself, evinces the fact that most of the work is done by hand: 190 members scrupulously cultivate 190 hectares in accordance with our strict quality standards. They are located in a municipality that lies at altitudes between 220 and 900 meters, which is unique in South Tyrol.

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There has always been a bond between farmer and vine in our vineyards, a relationship that is reinforced by the small structure of our winery. In the cellars, our benchmark is to produce wines so that they concisely reflect our wide array of vineyards, both in terms of soil and location. Prudent, meticulous development of individual vineyards is a prerequisite for this. Our knowledge of and experience in viticulture, which have been passed down through the centuries and coupled with modern technology, are equally important as the hard work and dedication of the winemaker and the enological team. Whether we speak of a velvety, intense Merlot grown at the warm Brenntal or a fresh and crisp Müller Thurgau cultivated at the heights in Graun: the wines taste like Kurtatsch. Each district is different, and always incomparable.



Freienfeld, an Ansitz manor that was built in the village center in 1521, was the headquarters of the winery from 1900, when it was founded, up until 1923. Because the winery quickly outgrew the space, the current winery structure was built along the Wine Road. Today the cellars of the Ansitz are used for storing barriques and the wine archive; they are also a venue for exclusive tastings.

“Our unique Terroir, a precise work in the vineyard, and letting the wine unfold his personality.”
Othmar Doná - Winemaker