Vintage 2018 – annual report

Top year for white wines from high elevations and full-bodied red wines!

After a cold start to the year and a rainy May, the summer of 2018 was very warm and dry overall. The heavy rainfall at the beginning of September was followed by a sun-rich late autumn.

The start of the harvest was slightly earlier than in the previous year due to the warm and dry summer.  A swift harvest plan was necessary and was completed within 6 weeks.

The yield was very good as expected, compared to the rather small vintage of 2017. The yield for the precocious varieties were about 5-10% higher than had been expected. The yield target of the late maturing varieties had been maintained due to the subsequent sun-rich late autumn.

 The 2018 vintage, promises very typical white wines, with beautiful finesse and balanced acidity especially in the higher altitudes. The grapes had benefitted from the longer growing season and no acid reduction was necessary because the values were in optimum range: Sauvignon and Müller Thurgau have a pleasant minerality. The balanced relationship between acidity and alcohol promises that the 2018 vintage will give you plenty of drinking pleasure!

The decision to harvest the heavy red wines required a lot of sensitivity and good monitoring. We waited for the optimal physiological ripeness, but made sure we did not leave the grapes on too long in the vineyard. We obtained fresh and vital wines, which reflect their terroir. The 2018 red wines give us intense color, balanced tannins and polyphenols, promising a high aging potential.

In summary, the wines are very good to excellent, especially the intense red wines and the white wines of the higher elevations. The light red wines, such as the Schiava Grigia and Pinot Noir, are very fruity and prominent in color.

In the anticipation of the coming year “2019” I would like to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year! CHEERS!

Othmar Doná

Download the annual report as PDF.