The Brenntal site, one of South Tyrol's warmest, is located at the northwestern end of the village, below the Kurtatsch Wine Road. In mid-summer temperatures can reach 40 °C for short periods of time. The steep slopes border the northern foothills of the mighty limestone massif upon which Kurtatsch sits enthroned. Lime and porphyry gravel permeate the clay soil, ensuring optimal and natural drainage. A tightly woven fabric of water veins guides the mineral salts of the mountains under the earth from three different directions. These salts, which the water carries into the hot valley from great heights, lend the Brenntal Merlot its distinctive alpine character.
A fresh minerality vibrates intensely on the palate; fragrant herbaceous notes recall above-the-tree-line vegetation. The dense, clayey soil acts like a heat accumulator, affording the Merlot berries a creamy and soft fruit pulp. The tannins have a rare, fine grain, giving the fruit aromas typical of the site (cranberries, blackberries, cocoa and green tea) a southern temperament. Through a lengthy maloactic fermentation process, the opulent Brenntal Merlot accumulates autumnal notes like mushrooms and truffles, which linger in the savory finish.

Volume: 14,5 % by vol.

Grape variety: Merlot

Production zone: First hill site in Kurtatsch – Brenntal  220–250 m.a.s.l.

Soil: Clay soil

Yield per hectare: 5500 kg

Color: Dense garnet

Vinification: Temperature-constrained fermentation in roto-fermenters and aging in oak barrels (50% new wood) for 14 months, Assemblage in large wooden barrels

Storage potential: more than 10 years

Total acidity:  5,4 g/l

Residual sugar: 2,1 g/l

Territorio Merlot Brenntal DOC
BRENNTAL 220 - 300 m

Even the name of this site (Brenn = combustive, Tal = valley) is evocative of its climate. It is one of South Tyrol’s warmest sites, with temperatures that can hit 40 degrees in the summer. The steep Merlot vineyards are situated at altitudes ranging from 220 to 300 meters, below the Wine Road in Kurtatsch. The gravelly, loamy soil has excellent drainage, storing heat during the day and releasing it freely at night.

Merlot Brenntal DOC 2015
92/100 points
Falstaff 2019
Merlot Brenntal DOC 2014
92/100 points
Luca Maroni 2018
92/100 points
Falstaff 2017/2018
88/100 points
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate 2017
91/100 points
DoctorWine 2018
Merlot Brenntal DOC 2013
88/100 points
Luca Maroni 2017

91/100 points
Falstaff 2017

88 - 89,99 points - Red Award
Merano Wine Award 2016

Gold medal
AWC Vienna 2016

2 glasses - final
Gambero Rosso 2017

89/100 points - gold medal
"Selection - Das Genussmagazin"

91/100 points - 3 stars
I vini  di Veronelli 2017

16,5++ points
91/100 points
Wine Spectator 2017
Merlot Brenntal DOC 2012
Final - 2 red glasses
Gambero Rosso 2016

4 vite
Vitae 2016

90 - 94,99 points - gols awars
Merano Wine Award

90/100 points
Fallstaff 2015/2016

91/100 points - 3 stars
Espresso - I Vini di Veronelli 2016

90/100 points 
Luca Maroni 2016

Silver medal
AWC Vienna 2015

4 stars
Guida La Repubblica 2016

winner of the variety
49. Unterlandler Weinkosttage 2016
Merlot Brenntal DOC 2011
91/100 points - 3 stars
I Vini di Veronelli 2015

90/100 points
Falstaff 2014/2015

3 vite
Vitae 2015

4 grappoli
Bibenda 2015

17/20 points - best Merlot of Alto Adige"
Espresso - I Vini d'Italia 2015

Slow Wine 2015

Winner of variety
Unterlandler Weinkosttage

88/100 points
Enogea 2013
Merlot Brenntal DOC 2010
91/100 points - 3 stars
I Vini di Veronelli 2014

90/100 points
Falstaff 2013

87/100 points
Enogea 2013

4 grappoli
Bibenda 2014