Alto Adige Merlot Cabernet DOC SOMA

In the Middle Ages, the best-known South Tyrolean wines were named after where they originated: Eppaner, Traminer, Mataner (Montaner), Kaltaner (Kalterer), Curtätscher (Kurtatscher). Blends have always existed, and each region had its own colorful array of grape varieties. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the legendary enologist Edmund Mach (founding director of South Tyrol’s educational institute for agriculture in San Michele) was inspired to import the top French varieties. On the slopes below the village of Kurtatsch, which have southern exposure and are thus very hot, Merlot and Cabernet find ideal growing conditions and soil: clayey gravel with good drainage and a mild fall climate for the final phase of grape ripening. Soma (the ancient Greek word for “body”) is a blend of Cabernet and Merlot, following the model of French Pomerol: the baroque, richly corpulent Merlot sets the tone while the Cabernet's distinctive fruity notes add spice, elegance and depth. Soma has a lively bouquet reminiscent of cherries, plums and blackberries in addition to laurel and crushed mint leaves. The approach on the palate is firm and juicy; the dark wild berries fleshy. Nuanced tannins lend stability to its rounded, well-balanced body and provide a good constitution for extended bottle aging.

Volume: 14,5 % by vol.

Grape variety: 60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet

Production zone: Sunny hill site in Kurtatsch and/or first site

Soil: Clayey, gravely soils

Yield per hectare: 7500 kg

Color: Dense garnet

Vinification: Temperature-constrained fermentation in roto-fermenters and maturation in oak barrels (40% new wood) for 14 months, followed by aging in large wooden barrels

Storage potential: 6 -8 years

Total acidity:  5,2 g/l

Residual sugar: 1,9 g/l

Territorio Merlot Cabernet Soma

The cuvee SOMA combines the warmest and lowest sites of Kurtatsch. The Merlot grapes are grown in red, clayey soil to the north of the village center. This deep and loamy soil stores up heat during the day and partially releases it at night. The Cabernet vineyards are located mainly on loose, gravely soils at the same altitudes as those of Merlot (220 to 280 meters). The meager subsoil, with low water-storage capacity, is ideal for the heat-loving, late-ripening Cabernet grapes.

Merlot Cabernet SOMA DOC 2014
excellent 2017
92/100 points
Luca Maroni 2018

Merlot Cabernet SOMA DOC 2013
3 stars - 92/100 points
I vini di Veronelli 2017

Vino molto buono
Berliner Weinführer 2014

86/100 points
Luca Maroni 2017

winner of the variety
49. Unterlandler Weinkosttage 2016

2 glasses
Gambero Rosso 2017

Merlot Cabernet SOMA DOC 2012
92/100 points
Falstaff 2015/2016

2 glassses
Gambero Rosso 2016

89/100 points
Luca Maroni 2016

Silver medal
AWC Vienna 2015
Merlot Cabernet SOMA DOC 2011
Very good wine
Berliner Weinführer 2014
Merlot Cabernet SOMA DOC 2010
91/100 points -  3 stars
Berliner Weinführer 2012
Merlot Cabernet SOMA DOC 2008
92/100 points
I Vini di Veronelli 2012

Excellent wine
Berliner Weinführer 2012