To produce wines in such a way that they reflect their different places of origin as much as possible: that is our philosophy in the cellar. With painstaking, precise vinification of the individual vineyard sites, with decades of knowledge and the latest technologies.

“Wines that taste like Kurtatsch.”


The viticultural art of Kurtatsch at its best. Red wines from South Tyrol's hottest vineyards and white wines from extremely steep, high-altitude sites. Most bear the name of their place of origin. Wines from the most promising vineyards, with low yields and unique zonal character. Our quality standards are so high that certain wines from the TERROIR Line are bottled only in numbered vintages.


The first selection from the vineyards of  Kurtatsch. Reduced yields, strictly regulated cultivation and monovarietal maturation create Kurtatsch wines with a great deal of typicity. They are distinctive for their richness and finesse. Only grapes that meet our very stringent quality-control standards make it into the SELECTION Line.


Our TERROIR wines are thus released to the market only after extended contact with the lees and bottle aging.. The longevity of Kurtatsch wines comes from deep, multilayered soils on the one hand and the slower pace of vine growth and low yields on the other hand – together with very meticulous and precise processing of grapes.
Our wines express their full potential when they reach full maturity. Tastings of old vintages have proven that the wines can age in cool storage for many more years. Whether a twenty years old Cabernet Sauvignon Freienfeld or a Gewürztraminer Brenntal from fifteen years ago: this is poetry in a bottle.